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January 04, 2002: Got chapter 2 up. Hope you enjoy it! Need to get used to putting 2002 now : )

December, 29 2001: Hope you enjoyed Christmas, and happy new year. Hopefully I'll get some more trafic and the next chapter of my fanfic "War among the Stars".

December, 10 2001: Updated the links with a link to Newtype Asylum, a great Gundam site. While your there, check out the fanfics by Zinegata. The intro and first chapter of my fanfic is done. I haven't figured out a name for it yet, so mail me if you have an idea, and your opinions on it would be great! ^_^ -Zach

December, 9 2001: Welcome to Gundam Zach! Soon I should have my work in progress fanfic up. I'm Also working on having Gundam related comics posted, like SD and parodies. As you can probably tell, I don't know how to do fancy HTML, or HTML at all, so some staff members to help out with graphics,content, scripting, ect, would be appreciated. Just E-Mail me at zacharyp@wirefire.com and tell me a bit about how you would like to help here, maybe some sample work, and I won't have any trouble adding you on the staff :)